Monday, 2 April 2018

Should You Refinish or Replace Your Old Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring is designed to stand up to several years of high traffic and misuse. Over time, however, these floors become stained, warped, chipped, and dulled by time and normal tear and wear. When your floor begins looking worn out, you have two choices -- either refinish it or substitute it. Deciding whether to refinish or replace your hardwood floors will depend on several factors which you will want to contemplate carefully.


Refinishing a hardwood flooring is a fantastic option if you're just seeking to brighten it and restore its original sheen. But if you are looking to alter an element of the floor like the design or species of the wood, the direction of the planks, or the consistency, a full replacement is necessary to achieve this. To put it differently, a very simple restoration of your existing flooring is only going to need a remodeling job, while a completely new look will need a replacement job.


Consider the type of damage your hardwood flooring is revealing. Not all types of damage can be remedied by refinishing it. For example, if several boards are damaged or if the floor is warped, to refinish it would just bring back the glow of a damaged flooring. Perhaps you will notice the tongues where boards come together on elderly floors. This is a indication that you ought to get that flooring replaced.


If your floor is years old, it may have been refinished several times. If a lot of this surface timber was
exposed, refinishing won't have much of a result and replacing may be the only alternative available.


A wood floor refinishing project can actually take longer to finish than a full replacement occupation. Due to the meticulous process involved with refinishing a floor the right way, this project may take as long as a week to complete, during which the flooring surface needs to be wholly untouched. This can establish a significant hassle to you and your family. On the other hand, a complete replacement can be done in considerably less time minus the significant inconveniences that a refinishing project entails.